Who We Are

The Bowls Academy provides all bowlers the platform and resources to take their game to the next level. 

Bowlers worldwide come to TBA for not only regular insightful lawn bowls articles, but also resources focused on individual game development, club improvement and knowledge sharing throughout the bowling community.

Our Commitment to Bowlers


We believe in providing great content in multiple formats.  Everyone soaks up knowledge differently, so providing a range of formats such as in-depth blogs, online courses and video tutorials enables tailored learning to your specific needs.


No matter where you are, a wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips whenever you need it.


There is always room for improvement.  We’re committed to creating a platform that challenges you to keep learning, improving and achieving your goals and ambitions.

Meet Simon

Simon lives in Sydney Australia and is the founder of The Bowls Academy.  An accomplished bowler and one of the most meticulous trainers, perparers and bowlers there is.  One not to stop looking at ways to improve his game and also help others grow, he created TBA to showcase a range of learning oppourtunities for bowlers, no matter what their current level.

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What Makes Us Different

Improve at Home

From on the green at your local club to your home office, take your game to the next level by accessing content anywhere.  No need to travel to far afield clubs for face to face coaching.

Total Game Development

There is more to your game than just delivery coaching.  We provide knowledge and insight into key aspects like mental toughness, game strategies, tactical awareness and “the 1% percenters”

Self Paced Learning

Consume our content at your own pace and take our self paced online courses at any time that suits your lifestyle.  On demand content at your speed and leisure