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A Course for Everybody

No matter your playing experience or ability level, The Bowls Academy has a course for you.

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Player Development



Build the groundwork for your game, with the important elements, ideas and principals of lawn bowls.  Even the most experienced can benefit from a fundamental refresher.

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Player Development



With an understanding of the basics, explore more specific elements of your game to highlight the weaknesses and implement your strengths.

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Player Development



Fine tune specific elements of your game to take your development to the next level.  Deep dive into advanced techniques and game tactics.

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Club Development

Club Focus


Expand and enhance your knowledge, from bowls specific administration processes to governance and attracting members, utilise the tools and practices to help develop your club.

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Simon Lyttle lawn bowls delivery

Let's roll!


Hi, I'm Simon, the founder of TBA, based in Sydney at Taren Point Bowling Club. I never stop looking at ways to improve my game and also help others grow.  TBA showcases a range of learning opportunities for all bowlers, no matter what your current level.  Let me take your game to the next level with one of our self paced online development courses.


More About Me

Need to improve your tactical awareness, game strategies or game mindset?  

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Game Strategies & Tactics

Improving your knowledge of different strategies and tactics allows you to become a more versatile bowler.  Being able to compete on various surfaces, conditions, compete in different disciplines and master different opponents is key to taking your game to the next level.

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Draw & Up-Shot Technique

Technical ability is at the core of every players game.  From basic elements that need refreshed to eliminating bad habits that creep into your technical ability.  Even the smallest tweaks can produce vastly improved results with your game.

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Bowls Psychology

Bowls psychology plays a very important role in the overall ability of a bowler.  Improve your mindset, concentration, focus and improve mental awareness on the green.  Explore practical learnings on improving mindset and expand your knowledge.

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What can you expect from The Bowls Academy courses?

TBA is all about improving your game and taking your ability, focus and motivation to the next level.  Our courses will guide you step by step towards your bowling goals and aspirations.  No matter which course you take, you can count on three things:

Self Paced Learning

Consume our courses at your own speed, comfort and leisure.  Pause and resume courses to suit your demand.

Diverse Courses

We’ll mix it up: tailored learning with different tools, from videos, images, assessments and online communities.


Your own personal profile, showing progress and assessments.  Every course can be consumed on mobile, tablet or desktop. 



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Dave Byett

"The blogs you write are always interesting, and contain the messages we strive to make in our coaching."

Amy Stevenson

"TBA courses allow me to develop my game in areas my club coach had little knowledge of!"

Lucas Hammerton

"Buying a new set of bowls was not the answer to improving my game - investing in my game knowledge was."

AERO.... The Bowls Academy's Preferred Bowls Manufacturer

The Bowls Academy are pleased to have AERO Bowls as our "Preferred Bowls Manufacturer."  Collaborating with the manufacturer of the world's most accurately made bowls is a perfect fit for our TBA community striving to improve their game.  Having a set of AERO bowls which have 'The same line every time' can instil confidence and precision with your game development.  Click the link below to check out the huge variety of colours, grips, models and custom logos available from AERO. 

Aero Bowls
Click here to view the latest AERO bowls

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